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Urdu in UK - Covid-19

The Urdu in the UK website was founded in 2019 to facilitate Urdu teaching and learning in the UK and around the globe. It accommodates Urdu learners needs due to the Covid-19. The main aim of this website is to promote, propagate and provide high-quality digital Urdu teaching and learning resources to students, which can enhance their attainment and teachers can use it to facilitate their teaching in Urdu GCSE and GCE.  This is a free, user friendly and ad free website. If you would like to share your quality Urdu resources, please fill the form in on our landing page.

About Urdu in UK

Urdu is the second most widely spoken language in the North West and Urdu is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom. According to the 2011 census, 269,000 people (0.5% of UK residents) listed Urdu as their main language. Ethnologue reports the total number of Urdu-speakers in the UK at over 400,000. As Urdu is amoung the fastest growing language amoung the other laguages in the world. Urdu in UK is trying it level best to digitise the Urdu resurces. So the teahcers and students GCSE and GCE could get help though these digital sources. 

About Us

This website is user-friendly and ad-free wherever you are free. In addition to the customized publications you create, we also provide self-publishing services, print-on-demand (POD), editorial services and cover design, book printing, marketing and also provide sales distribution. We do not guide the writers, but we work side by side as a team so that creativity does not stop.  We are open to publishing books and educational materials on a variety of topics and genres, so we are accepting drafts as long as the author knows what he is writing and is able to publish that do you want.

We publish educational authorship in soft version for GCSE O level and GCE level students and teachers to make learning easier. We also provide publishing, printing, designing, typing and other services to digitize your publishing dream.

We also provide a variety of graphics designing, typing and web designing services. Proceeds from these sources are widely used in the promotion of Urdu language by designing new educational materials for GCSE / GCE students and teachers.

We provide our services at reasonable rates for the following servicesBooklet, catalog designing, Logos designing, Designing text and workbooks,Corporate or brand identity, Business stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.), Business proposal, Brochures, flyers, posters, banners, Magazine advertising / cover designing, E-book cover and printing, Website and blog, Typing and data conversion


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